What we do

Knowledge and insight have the capacity to impact lives, transform careers, and propel enterprises toward profitability and sustainability.

We enable company success by enabling data and analytics technology to fuel intelligent decision-making and assisting our clients in establishing analytics-driven organisations and achieving superior performance through data. We cultivate strong relationships with our clients and partners, creating demonstrable value via talent enablement and service support on a constant basis.

About Us

Powerline Technology was founded in 2018 as a business analytics and technology consulting firm. The company is located in Bida, Nigeria, and is quickly expanding throughout the North Central area. Through its portfolio of solutions and services, Powerline Technology enables organisations to use big data, analytics, and performance innovation. Powerline Technology works as a trusted partner with organisations, expanding knowledge, addressing skills gaps, and establishing their Analytics Center of Excellence in order to increase productivity, profitability, and company growth. Additionally, we assist ambitious individuals in transforming their careers through our highly specialised data and analytics training programmes and recruitment services.

We are proud of our strong team of industry experts and certified technology specialists who are thought leaders in digital and analytical transformation and have extensive experience in a variety of major industry sectors, including banking, financial services, insurance, telecommunications, energy, and business services. Our professional knowledge, adaptability, and customised supportive approach set us apart in our pursuit of providing our clients with the greatest quality services.

Our Team

Alex Umagba

Chief Executive Officer

Moshood Yahaya

Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Sebastian Obeta

Chief Technical Officer